By now, most of us sales guys, marketers, growth hackers, whatever you want to call yourself, have come to terms with the fact that cold emails just aren’t as effective as they used to be 2–3 years ago.

It’s the truth. Open rates and replies are dropping. Sure, you can tighten up your subject line or improve the copy, but it’s still not enough.

The cat is out of the bag. I repeat. Everyone knows about email automation and everyone (and their mothers) is out cold emailing everyone.

That leaves you unnoticed by potential customers who are immune to your email sorcery.

But what if…

What if email isn’t the only way to reach potential customers and get your foot in the door?

Most of you are already using platforms like Linkedin to find leads.

Some of you even know about the “look back” and are actively engaging leads with soft social touches, namely profile visits and invites.

Many of you are doing this manually yourself or hiring interns, possibly even sales development reps, to run these engagements.

A few of you are ahead of the curve using basic tools like Dux-soup to automate some of these soft engagements.

Why it works

The concept of inbound marketing is predicated on others seeking you out. When other professionals look at your profile, it’s an invitation for you to check them out.

The trick is to get the right people to look at your profile so you can take it from there.

When you get a notification that someone looked at your Linkedin profile, you will almost always look back to see who they are. Potential customer? Investor? Competitor?

What do you think happens when you look at profiles of potential customers?

Chances are, they will look back and checkout your profile.

The more profiles you visit, the more people will look back. The more people who look back at your profile, the more likely you’ll get connected. And the more connections you make, the larger your network and opportunities to do business.

How many of you out there are sequencing soft social touches as you would with emails?

I’m willing to bet that number is very small in comparison. Meaning, now is the perfect time to start orchestrating these types of social touches on Linkedin before the word gets out and the tactic is adopted by the rest of the market.