Here it is. Face to face, month after month, is your large student loan installment. As a recently retired family member, or a curious, woven neighbor, he never disappears. If you are one of thousands of borrowers with borrowers who are unemployed, work part-time, or just try to earn a decent salary after graduation, your monthly student loan bill may seem to be an aggravating obstacle to obtaining financial support. The good news is that there are many loan repayment options for students to get short-term (and long-term!) Student loan assistance. Here are 6 ways to help reduce your monthly payment and ease part of your financial burden today:

1) Talk to your lender
Seems obvious, no?  You can start by calling your lender and asking about available repayment options for your situation. They can provide you with a high-level snapshot of ways to reduce monthly student loan payments. Do not know your lender? Register for a free Loan Hero student account here, which allows you to find and synchronize both federal and private student loans into one convenient toolbar using NSLDS, Sallie Mae and other lenders.

2) Examine your federal income-based repayment options
If you are a federal student borrower and you earn income for less than $ 60,000, you can qualify for an income repayment program. These plans will help you reduce your monthly payments according to your current income.
3) Refinancing your student loans
Student loan refinancing is a great way to lower your monthly payments, get less interest and switch to a new loan service company (if your current lender is in pain!). Other benefits may include removing the co-signer from your student loans and getting a lower interest rate!

Find out how much you can save using a student loan refinancing calculator.

4) Look at the government plan “Pay how you earn”
As well as income-based repayment options, your monthly payments will be reduced depending on how much you earn. In accordance with the “Earn” payroll plan, your payments will be at a maximum of 10% of your discretionary income and will increase as your income improves in the future.

5) Ask your boss  about student loan repayment.
Some companies offer their employees professional development tools for professional seminars, training, or travel. And now some employers are expanding their benefit packages to include student loan assistance. If you are preparing to negotiate a reimbursement package with a new employer, or are already receiving a scholarship to upgrade your current job, ask your employer if they want to help pay part of your student loan. Another opportunity to discuss your compensation package is if your company offers a 401 (k) package. Your employer may change or compare the functions of the 401 (k) program in the student loan assistance program.

6) Consider reprieve or patience
If you absolutely cannot pay your student loan due to a limited income or face financial difficulties, consider exploring the options for postponing and the benefits of a student loan. You can defer payments on federal student loans for up to 3 years, and depending on your types of loans and work, the government can pay interest on your loans during the deferral or deferment periods. Click here to calculate how much interest on student loan interest will accrue during the grace period.
7) Earn extra money on the side
If you feel that your current income is insufficient to pay for your student loans, maintain your lifestyle, it may be time to look for extra money on the side. Even earning an extra $ 100 a month can greatly help you feel in control of your student loan payments. It can be as simple as selling junk clothes and items on eBay or Craigslist or selling your services online on sites like Fiverr, eLance, and finally, even consider renting your apartment on AirBnB!

In addition, for those who have private student loans, some lenders offer alternative repayment options, such as a delay in student loans and patience under certain circum To find out if your private student loan advisor offers students a respite or benefits, give them a call!stances.

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