Sup guys, in this post I’m going to show you how I scraped members from my competition’s Facebook group to engage and connect on Linkedin.

Before we get started, here’s the stack you’ll need:

Let’s get started.

  1. Click on the link above to download the FB Group Scraper Extension and unzip.
  2. Open Chrome extensions and toggle on Developer Mode.

3. Select Load Unpacked

4. This will open Finder if you’re on a Mac or […] on Windows. Locate the unzipped fb group scraper extension and upload it. This is what you should see:

5. Turn the extension on, if its off. You should extension in the toolbar.

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6. Head on over to your competition’s facebook group.

7. Once you’re in the group, simply click on the extension. It will take a few minutes to scrape the members and will automatically download it to your computer as a csv.

8. The next step is to create a trial account on Phantombuster and utilize their LinkedIn Profile URL Finder to generate the LI urls for the members you just scraped.

9. Once you’ve generated the LI urls for the group members, go to your campaign dashboard in Orca and click on Create Campaign in the navbar.

There are four types of campaigns in Orca:

  • Search on Linkedin
  • Upload a CSV of Linkedin URLs
  • Send Linkedin URLs by Zapier
  • Send Linkedin URLs from Growlabs

For this hack, you can either upload a CSV or pass leads through Zapier.

10. Setup your sequence. I typically keep my sequences to 3–4 touches. Remember this is Linkedin… don’t be stupid and use long-ass copy in your outreach. Keep your messages short, sweet, and social. After all, Linkedin is a social networking platform. Plus, nobody likes getting spammy messages, including the sales reps sending out spammy ass emails and messages.

BLUF: don’t be that idiot that sends a paragraph long pitch in a connect or follow-up.

11. Click Next when you’re done and give your campaign a name. To keep things organized, I recommend naming your campaign the same as the fb group followed by winning at the end. Like so:

Dux-soup User Group — winning

Why winning? To give your campaign some positive vibes. 🙂

12. Publish, then sit back, pop open a can of Pringles (Sea Salt Vinegar preferred), and groove out to this playlist

Once your campaign is published, the leads will be in pending status while Orca verifies the URLs are valid. Note:make sure that your Linkedin account is connected with Orca, otherwise… all the leads will be invalid because Orca won’t be able to login to your account and verify.

Verification will start within 15–30 minutes, unless that is you’ve already ran Orca all day and it needs to rest. Yes, robots need sleep too.

Orca runs around 200 engagements per day for premium users and half that for basic users. I don’t know the exact number because we randomize it to keep your account safe from being flagged.

Don’t get flagged. Set up a automation schedule under Automation Settings in Preferences

Okay, cool. So what was the result of my scrape? Well, I managed to generate around 300+ Linkedin URLs, 230 are still pending verification. Out of the 91 profiles that I’ve engaged with, I connected with and started conversations with 52.8% …. when was the last time you saw email opens or response that high?

Better get cracking on your Linkedin game before everyone and their mothers start running social selling campaigns on Orca. There’s a shelf life to every growth tactic. Don’t be a damn laggard.