Want to learn how to attract more people to your LinkedIn profile?
The secret to increasing your LinkedIn profile traffic is to use effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.
Effective LinkedIn SEO
Effective 5 tips for your profile:
1. Pay attention to your professional headline.
The most visible branding message on your LinkedIn profile is also the most critical when it comes to SEO.
What does it mean? The keywords listed in the “Headline” field will have a greater impact, increasing your rating among other users under the same conditions.
Now you know why using the default “current-job” header is not a good idea!

How to Automate LinkedIn Messages and Connects

As an example, consider the possibility of switching
“Vice President of Sales at ABC Corporation” (your current position)
“VP sales. Revenue growth in technology solutions with Cloud-Enabled.”(your current position with the addition of more keywords for a more complete explanation)
This strategy does not allow ABC Corporation to become a very relevant search term in this user’s profile, while also providing other keywords (product development, sales operations, Cloud-Enabled technology, revenue growth) to drive more traffic.
LinkedIn allows you to use 120 spaces for your headline, and using as many as possible 120 is smart.
2. Consider adding keywords to your job title.
The LinkedIn Job Title field is also a highly indexed field (as is the name of your employer). However, if your current job title is too vague, you may miss the chance to increase traffic.
For example,
“Operations Officer” may become
“Associate Operations Officer – Operations Manager for Thermal Printing”
The second version more fully explains the true function of the work of someone outside the organization.
Other examples:
“Senior Consultant” becomes “Senior Consultant, IT Project Management”,
Financial Analyst becomes Financial Analyst – Audit and Compliance
In each example, the second version contains both more keywords and a clearer explanation of the task. LinkedIn currently allows you 100 spaces for your assignment, and, as usual, using as many relevant keywords as possible is reasonable.

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3. Use the summary for the additional content of the keyword.
Although this is not considered a heavily indexed part of LinkedIn, your resume should, nevertheless, contain a convincing text, as well as a high percentage of keywords relevant to your goal:
“As a CIO, my goal is to satisfy interested parties and speak the language of our users in the trading industry, introducing technologies to increase processing speed and accelerate business transformation. I led the IT project teams to 110 in the provision of services and the cost of hosting fell by 32% even with rapid growth. ”
“As a senior manager and director of sales, I created trust among customers and won market trends in the oil and gas industry … with new sales channels and alliances that grew by 123%. I like to create competitive advantages thanks to increased brand awareness and highly effective mentoring of the sales team. ”
4. Add projects and other “extra” sections to LinkedIn.
Often ignored as a great strategy for adding additional details (and keywords) …
If you decide to use these sections, keep your wording shorter and keyword. For example, certification for a specific software language may contain “Java Developer” with credential initials.
COO in real estate can also add a few projects called “Commercial Real Estate – New York City” to demonstrate mastery in monitoring large-scale construction work.
In the “Awards and Awards” section, you can add awards that start at your desired place of work (“Senior Sales Executive Director who heads the presidential club for 5 years”).

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5. Select “Skills” and continue collecting “Approvals.”
One of the most incomprehensible sections of LinkedIn, the area of ​​skills and experience began as a group of searchable keywords.
Now it has become an SEO tool that can attract serious traffic, but only if it is used correctly.
The terms you add to Skills & Expertise have a greater effect on LinkedIn’s search ability when you approve them. Therefore, it makes sense to add keywords and get (and accept) approvals for them.
Disclaimer: make sure that the terms you add in this section are really keywords. Given the choice between “tough skill” (for example, “Project Management”) and character trait (for example, “Leadership”), employers may prefer to look for specific competencies.

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