Your favorite iPhone 8’s cracked back screen is becoming increasingly more significant by the day. It is now your purpose to get the device repaired to avoid further damage to the phone and your fingers. Read down below for iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair in Los Angeles.



Not only can a broken iPhone back screen cut your hands and fingers, but it is also slightly challenging to continue posting text messages and emails with such destruction. Even the most honest task such as holding your device while setting for the train to come could become a bloody accident.


The problem is, what can you do to guarantee your iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair most professionally? DIY repairs can lead to tons of expected complications such as screen malfunctioning in the form of random freezing, etc. For a complete list of iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair troubleshooting tips, check out another article from The Beat, in which we cover this issue in more detail.


Regarding preventative measures that can be taken, there are a some that will assist in decreasing the risk of damage and to avoid showing off your iPhone’s new not-so-fashionable look. First, you can purchase a protective case – tons are waterproof and even shatter-proof. You can also bypass texting while walking, as this has the potential to end in damaged or cracked rear glass.



If you are out of guarantee with Apple, repairs can go well into the hundreds, raising the question: Why did not I buy a new model for a bit more? You can eliminate this question and others you might have by booking an interview with one of our experienced professionals who will come right to you.



If your guarantee is not up with Apple – you could pay as small as $99.00 for rear glass replacement. For those of you who are not preserved under Apple’s warranty – know that you do have choices to get your iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair in perfect shape.


Have you checked our newly released about damaged iPhone 7 screen repair tutorial? Taking a look is worth. Compare to iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X look gorgeous, but also make them vulnerable, especially the back glass. The weak back glass is long reported very difficult to repair and may get you more than required due to the new design with wireless charging, embed camera and stubborn glue. Have no idea about how to start your repair? Don’t be frustrated. After the iPhone X OLED screen glass-only repair example, REWA here rolls out a new and immediate resolution for iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair and iPhone X Back Glass Repair.




iPhone 8 back glass is cracked or scratched but still comes with official wireless charging.




Take down the display device. Remove the screws, rear camera, logic board, louder speaker and tactic generator, then take out the battery and disconnect the charging port flex cable. Remove the wireless charging coil by heating with Hot Air Gun, and divide the power switch volume flex cable.



Pour adequate dispergator into the container of Ultrasonic Cleaner, then soak the back glass in the bowl and get the top on. Set the course of the Ultrasonic Cleaner at 30m, and temperature at 60℃.


After 30 minutes, take out the glass behind. Separate the broken back glass from the middle frame with Pry Sheet. In case the broken glasses hurt your hands, please clean the table and be careful during the separating process.


Remove the glue residue on the middle block with Razor Blade and clean it with N-hexane. So very back glass is separating completed without any scratches on the sides.


Apply some glue to the middle frame and spread it evenly. After that, align the rear camera to the right position, then apply pressure and attach the back glass to middle frame tightly. Once done, clean the glue residue.


Assemble the phone and test, and the phone runs typically with wireless charging.


For more details about iPhone 8/X Back Glass Repair, please check our video guide.


The iPhone 8, and 8 Plus’ most striking pattern change is the switch to a glossy, glass back. There was a lot this glass would be valued at or around the same price as a cracked screen under AppleCare+, but that’s not the case: AppleInsider confirmed today that a broken back wouldn’t qualify for a $29 screen replacement. It’ll instead be subject to an “other damage” fee of $99 (plus tax).


Apple gives users two screen replacements and two different damage incidents at the $29 and $99 price each. After that point, the damage price drops to $349 for the iPhone 8 and $399 for the iPhone 8 Plus. So essentially, do not crack your phone’s glass or else you are going to be dishing out lots of cash. AppleCare+ gets $129 for the iPhone 8 and $149 for the iPhone 8 Plus.


We do not have pricing for the iPhone X’s repairs yet. We know Apple will charge $199 for its warranty program, but the company hasn’t said how much it’d charge for a screen replacement or broken glass. We can probably find a new screen will cost more than $29, as the cover is already supposed to be somewhat limited in amount. Cherish the original screen or pay up, I guess. Protect the glass-back iPhone 8. Don’t let the glass back of your iPhone 8 get scratched up. Get a skin to put on the back of your phone!