Does your iPhone eight continuously appear to die quickly? What concerning restarting within the middle of a text message?

If this can be happening to you, it may well be a symbol of desperate to replace your iPhone 8 battery. iPhones will retain up to eighty % of their charging capability for up to five hundred cycles.

In theory, this suggests five hundred charges before you have got to switch the battery. we tend to all apprehend there’s no precise science once parts like heat and wet square measure concerned. In some cases, you will solely have up to eighteen months before you ought to contemplate exchange your iPhone 8’s battery .

So, apart from your iPhone quickly dying, what square measure different indications that your battery mustbe replaced? We’ve compiled 5 symptoms which will quickly indicate the death of your iPhone eight battery.

Your battery is sticking through the phone

If this can be happening to you – let’s simply say, you’re in all probability on the far side the purpose of realizing you would like a repair. you ought to now and safely eliminate the battery.

It will scale back your possibilities of encountering any virulent chemicals employed in Apple’s lithium-ion batteries. throughout the method of disposal, take care on to not puncture the battery.