In this article, you will get to learn top ten LinkedIn automation tools, which can change completely the way you think about marketing and treat your business.

The new highly-technology era in marketing came with the certain gifts. One of them is about a different way of treating the process of business development: while you make important decisions, computers do the rest of work, repetitive and generic.

The main secret of many successful companies is a wise combination of workforces of both human and computer nature. The latter implies LinkedIn automation tools that are gradually becoming irreplaceable in marketing routine.

First and foremost, LinkedIn automation tools serve as a successful time- and money-saver. It’s no secret that you can do it manually or hire someone who can do it for you. By the way, say, twenty years ago you wouldn’t have any other options. But today you do have them.

You can avoid paying people for generic work, which can be handled by a program, and save your time and energy for something that does require your intelligence, not just repetitive meaningless actions.

Second. You might haven’t considered LinkedIn automation tools as the way to give more attention to your connections. And if so, think about it: as your connections grow, you have more possibilities of mutually advantageous communication. You can miss them unless you act in a timely and effective manner. This is what marketing automation can help you with – don’t let prospects forget about you and share relevant information.

Third. The process of building business requires a highly structured approach. If your way of generating leads and moving them down the sales funnel is still a mess, then you may need to look up for the reasons of your flaws in the lack of structure. In this case, too, LinkedIn automation tools, can help you to order the main business processes.