As a LinkedIn certified partner, AdStage may be a trustworthy platform for several B2B marketers World Health Organization run ads on LinkedIn. Below, we have a tendency to take a glance at however B2Linked, associate agency that manages a number of the world’s largest LinkedIn Ads accounts, uses AdStage’s API to drive the prices down and boost performance.

B2Linked: LinkedIn ads agency centered on lead generation for B2B corporations
B2Linked is associate agency that helps B2B corporations realize new customers through the LinkedIn platform. The founder, AJ Wilcox, started with LinkedIn ads back in 2011, once the ad platform was still aborning. AJ’s deep passion for LinkedIn advertising, combined along with his expertise and powerfulinfluence within the PPC community, helped him become one in all the known LinkedIn consultants. AJ and his team at B2Linked manage LinkedIn ads for corporations like employed, ON24, BambooHR, and plenty ofothers.

“If you pay quite $10,000 a month on LinkedIn Ads, AdStage may be a labor. It’s the sole tool for LinkedIn advertisers. It offers you the practicality and options simply} just can’t get from the platform by itself.” — AJ Wilcox, chief operating officer and founder, B2Linked.
Challenge: creating LinkedIn ads run on your schedule
LinkedIn may be a skilled social network, therefore usually, the general public would solely use it throughout business hours. Advertisers, particularly those with smaller budgets, will quickly run out of ad bucks while not a lot of yield if they don’t started the right ad schedule. whereas it makes excellent sense to run LinkedIn ads, say, 9-to-5 in your specific zone, advertisers can’t started dayparting — a standard PPC planning technique — within the native LinkedIn interface.

“The day begins for LinkedIn at nighttime time,” AJ says. “GMT is seven or eight hours earlier than Maine. If you’ve got a consumer with a campaign that solely budgets twenty bucks every day, what happens is that these twenty bucks release at eight o’clock p.m. The consumer can find yourself bidding throughout the already dark once individuals area unit less doubtless to have interaction, and by the morning, onceshoppers get into the offices contemporary and prepared, that twenty bucks have already been spent.”

Without a third-party platform that helps manage multiple campaigns, ad budgets, and planning on LinkedIn, optimizing campaigns is a pain. Advertisers manually toggle on campaigns as they are available into the workplace within the morning, and toggle them off before they leave. “I wont to started alarm for three a.m. on a vacation morning to form certain i’m going in and pause all of my 600 campaigns,” AJ says.

Solution: Use AdStage’s automation to alter routine tasks
Managing LinkedIn ad campaigns with linkedin automation platform helped AJ save time and optimize ad budgets by bidding at the proper time. “For those that have smaller budgets, it’s a 30-40% gain in performance simply because they won’t be bidding within the middle of the night once no one desires to convert,” AJ says. “And they’re not processing their whole budget by eight a.m. and questioning why they’re missing out on traffic for the remainder of the day.”

Using AdStage’s API that pulls granular LinkedIn campaign information in a very snap, B2Linked will quickly access their campaigns’ results and ship the info anyplace they like — from spreadsheets to internal tools.

AJ manages giant accounts — some carry over one,200 campaigns in one — therefore he found AdStage’s bulk rules practicality particularly helpful. “When a consumer comes in and says, ‘can you build our budgets’ or ‘can you enter and increase our bids by 100%,’ or ‘increase our budgets to $500 every day,’ we have a tendency to simply hit that rule, and it saves U.S. many hours anytime we’ve got to try to to that,” AJ says.

For AJ, victimisation machine-driven rules isn’t simply potency, however conjointly peace of mind. “For many purchasers, we have a tendency to build this mid-trajectory changes many times a month. It’s a reallymonotonous task, and at risk of human error. If I’m progressing to make out, I’ll miss 2 or 3 [campaigns], and therefore the things aren’t progressing to be organized,” AJ says.

Results: Improved potency and higher performance
With AdStage, AJ was ready to started dayparting and edit multiple campaigns in bulk. The ad campaigns currently run solely throughout the days that AJ desires them to run, leading to higher performance.
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Improved potency once switch to AdStage meant that AJ may attack additional shoppers and build extra money. “Instead of seven accounts, we are able to manage twenty five with a similar variety of individuals,” AJ says. “It permits U.S. to serve these shoppers higher, too, and find higher performance.” With time savings and performance improvement, AJ and his team is additional productive. That is, if they select to: “AdStage saved Maine enough time to require every day off,” AJ says.