I’m long overdue on this one… it’s been about month since we launched our integrations with Growlabs, a super powerful lead gen and email automation platform, and we still don’t have an announcement post, but hey, better late than never… right?

Originally, when Anson and I first set out on building Orca we envisioned a tool that could do everything from lead generation to prospecting on social and email. We didn’t like the idea of having to string together all these different sales enablement tools.

We were using Dux-soup + Massplanner to automate social engagements on Linkedin and other platforms. For cold outbound emails we were using several different tools from Yet Another Mail Merge to Mailshake. I’ve since stopped running cold email campaigns. Don’t get me wrong, I still run email campaigns, I just do it differently now, but more on that later.

Anson and I still believe in our vision, we’re just approaching it differently now. Rather than going it alone and competing with existing tools in the sales enablement space, we’re instead collaborating with other companies. This enables us to focus on what we do best, which is the social selling aspect, while enabling our partners to do what they do best, relationship management, lead generation, and email outreach.

Why did we integrate with Growlabs?

Simple. Our lead generation tool is shite, and I’ll be the first to admit it’s shite. With lead generation, you need a tool that can help you get more precise. Our tool is basic, but Growlabs’ isn’t… their audience search filters enable you to get more targeted.

Growlabs’ audience filters are broken out into five buckets; most common filters, company lists, financials, technographics and more contact details. I’m not going into details on how to use their filters, but if you’re interested, here’s a really awesome post they’ve put together: Lead Generation Filters Overview.

I just want to quickly show you how you can now automate and sequence LinkedIn profile views, connect requests, and follow ups by pushing leads from Growlabs into Orca before, or in parallel with, sending your email sequences.

We use this integration a lot at Orca. We know this is definitely something that will help your team get noticed faster without them having to manually engage leads on Linkedin.

Alright, without further adieu, here’s the webinar I did with Jeff from Growlabs. Feel free to fast forward to 5:50 for the demo on pushing leads from Growlabs to Orca.

Source https://useorca.com/blog/blog/orca-growlabs-growth