In the last year we have spent about 1600 hours creating and refining the following 42 questions related to business development. Any sales or marketing approach should start with a clear definition of the target market and persons. To arrive there you need to ask effective and specific questions. Our team has taken the best ideas from thought leaders such as sixteenventures, close.iogrowbotshubspot, leadfuze and saleshacker and distilled a great and comprehensive questionnaire. Many managing directors and sales leaders of SaaS, Software and IT companies that we work with struggle to have an effective, reliable and predictable way of generating new meetings with their target persons. We use these questions to help them define more clearly who their target persons are and create the most effective message copywriting for their LinkedIn outreach. If you are new to LinkedIn outreach I recommend you to educate yourself on how to design drip campaigns using LinkedIn Helper as a LinkedIn automation tool.

  1. Go through the questions below and see where you lack the clarity and knowledge. This way you can identify your blind spots and know how to address your sales pipeline issue.
  2. Use your answers to identify your customer’s pain points and their root causes.
  3. Create an effective copywriting suitable for LinkedIn outreach.

You can use the following questions to get more clarity on your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and to define exactly which companies and target persons are a good fit for your offer. It can also help you make your marketing messages and sales pitches more effective.


  1. Can you share the website of your top 3 past, current or potential customers? P.S If you target more than one type of customer, please describe each type separately.
  2. In which countries and regions are they and what languages do they speak?
  3. Are they B2B or B2C?
  4. Which industries, categories, niches and sub-categories are they in? P.S you can search for a database or a list of companies in your category and see the different sub-categories on for example crunchbase or
  5. How much revenue do these companies generate per year?
  6. How many employees do your ideal customers have?
  7. How many clients do they have per month?
  8. How long are your ideal customers in business?
  9. In which top 3 online directories or websites do they get listed?
  10. What are the top 3 conferences they usually exhibit or attend?
  11. How many companies like this do you estimate there are in the given target region?