Problems with charging in sleep mode
Many owners of new iPhone Xs began to report problems with charging in sleep mode. Someone with a smartphone when the display is turned off simply refuses to accept the charge, and someone hangs at all. And this applies to both wired and wireless recharging.

A well-known blogger, a leading YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, also drew attention to this serious problem. He conducted a visual test using eight brand new iPhone Xs and Xs Max. All of them were connected to charging with the display turned off.

Five of the eight smartphones refused to charge in sleep mode, and one iPhone Xs Max completely hung up. Only with two devices there were no problems – when connecting the cable, they immediately began to replenish the battery charge.

It is reported that this situation is relevant not only for the new iPhone Xs, but also for older models updated to iOS 12. Most likely, the problem is purely software, and Apple will probably fix it soon. It is worth waiting for an update that fixes the error.

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Internet problems
Also, many users complain of extremely low speed LTE-connection. According to one version, the problem may be at the operator level, since most cases are recorded among Verizon subscribers. There is also an assumption that the blame for the new modems in the smartphones themselves.

Another problem is connected with Wi-Fi. Some users have noticed that smartphones work well in 2.4 GHz networks and at the same time do not switch to 5 GHz that is less susceptible to interference. Even if you forcefully switch to the 5 GHz band, smart phones can later switch to a more preferred 2.4 GHz network.

Perhaps this is also a software issue that will be fixed with one of the upcoming iOS 12 updates.

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Auto Self Enhancement
The third problem that caused the indignation of some users, it is fit to call an unannounced function. This is an automatic self-enhancement that cannot be disabled. The camera defaults the unevenness of the skin by default, making the frame not as natural as the iPhone X.

Users on this “beauty effect” reacted differently. There were those who thought that the iPhone Xs makes them even more beautiful than it actually is. However, for the most part, users are dissatisfied with too smooth skin that goes to orange color, then to white.

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